5 Reasons We Love OUR McClure's Stove Gap Seals

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McClure's Gap Seals are 21" long, 2.5" wide, and .5" down flexible silicone strips that seal the gap between your stove and counter top or wherever needed. Of course, we have a set and we love them! Here are five reasons why:
  1. Ew, Gunk! They keep gunk out of the gap between the stove and counter. Oh sure, it doesn't start out as gunk. If you've ever pulled your stove out, you've seen it: evidence of past delicious meals dripped down the side of the stove and counter. Fallen down below are crumbs. You forget they are there. Critters don't. Ew! Think about an egg dropped on the counter and how fast you'd move to keep it from that gap!
  2. Time. Gunk requires soaking and scraping. We have more fun things to do with our time.
  3. Heat Resistant. In this house, we love our cast iron. Cast iron gets and stays HOT. We had a customer ask what would happen if they sat a hot pan on the gap seals. We tested to see. We heated up a pan with a bit of oil, then sat it on a gap seal. It was fine afterwards, not a mark! Click here to see the video of that.
  4. Easy to Clean. Normally, we will just wipe off our gap seals. They're also easy to pick up and rinse under the sink or toss right in to the dishwasher. We have one between our washer and dryer - that one gets tossed in with a load of laundry when it gets dust on it.
  5. Versatile. The gap seals fit our stove perfectly out of the box. There are all kinds of stoves. For most, they've fit perfectly. Some have bought an extra to fill the extra space for their stove. Some have had to trim the gap seals length or width to fit their space the best. It's easy to do with scissors or a razor and straight edge. Click here to see a snippet of Kelly snipping it. Once they're in place, you quickly forget they are there. That is, until you are wiping down the stove and counter after dinner and see all that was caught or worse, until you drop an egg on the counter.

These sets of two are available in black, white, or clear. Click here to buy them right here on our site or click below to buy them on Amazon (Hi Prime members!). We know you'll love yours, too!


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