Camo Canopy Weight Bags

Canopy Weights

For some of us, winter means a cooler weather and spending more time indoors. I say 'some of us', because I grew up in Florida and there, winter didn't really change our day-to-day lives.

Now I'm in Colorado. We've already had a couple of snow days in town, yet today is 65°. Here, the farmer's markets are no longer setting up each week and family picnics aren't happening at the parks. It's quite dark by 6 pm and so we aren't outside as much. Then again, there are some... actually, there are many that love the outdoors, no matter what season it is. Here, it's the beginning of ski season, it's always hiking season (maybe with snowshoes), and it's hunting season.

No matter where you live, if you're spending time outside and using a canopy, you may need some canopy weight bags. We sell these in multiple colors, yet we kind of love the camouflage a bit more. If you have a tan, green, or black canopy, these will look great. You can buy them here on our site or if you love Amazon (as we do), you can buy them there by clicking on the link below.

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