Dog Park



One of the things I love about having our own businesses is that when I'm looking towards the computer, but not really paying attention anymore, the dog and I can hop in the Jeep and go to the dog park. We are just a mile away from Rampart Dog Park. There's a beautiful view of Pikes Peak, as there is all over Colorado Springs. Our dog Molly is sure to say greet each and every person and dog there. I like to walk laps around the fenceline. She runs around with other dogs, while mostly staying near me. Here's a picture of Molly (right) and her best friend Sierra.

Sierra and Molly at Rampart Dog Park

For me, it's nice to get some steps in on the Fitbit, get some sunshine, and clear my head a bit. It's always a nice break for both of us. Now, back to work!

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