Compressed Towels, Travel Towels - Box Quantity 160, 20 tubes of 8 - Survival Gear, Camping Gear

$ 28.99

What are McClure's® Compressed Towels?

This is a convenient way to keep some handy wipes with you for cleaning up wherever you are. You'll just add water to one of the towel tablets and in seconds, you'll have a sturdy, disposable, unscented washcloth.

Messes Happen Everywhere!

Grab a tube of pop up towels to keep in your car, golf bag, purse, backpack, diaper bag, bug out bag, boat, gym bag, with your camping gear, in your hydration pack, with your hunting gear, anywhere there are small children, with your Jeep for off-roading, while traveling, picnics, in your fishing tackle box, with your survival gear, beach bag, etc.

What You Get

A box of 20 tubes. Each tube has 8 compressed towels. So, each box has 160 towels total.

How To Use

Place a bit water on the coin towel, the towel will expand in seconds, unfold to its full size, then the wet wipe is ready to use!
TOWEL SIZE: Compressed, a single towel is .75" in diameter. An expanded towel is 9" x 10".


    Everyone has had that moment.

    Maybe you were on a hike, and you stepped in a present left by man’s best friend. You needed to clean up your shoe and anything else it touched.

    Or maybe when you turned the corner and saw that your two-year-old decided that his food would look good on himself. And on the walls.  

    Life is full of moments like these, and how prepared you are can make a difference. Enter McClure’s Compressed Towels. Convenient and easy-to-use, these towels meet the match of messy babies, sticky food, and nature’s messes.

    Prepackaged wet wipes take up space and dry out quickly, leaving you with a bulky plastic package that you only used half of. These fingertip towels address the fact that messes happen everywhere.

    A box of McClure’s® Compressed Towels has 20 tubes. Each compact tube contains 8 compressed towels. Each coin-sized towel is small, .75” in diameter to start. Simply place about a tablespoon of water on the towel and watch it expand to a strong 9”x10” wet towel in seconds.

    McClure’s compressed fingertip towels are sturdy, disposable, and hypoallergenic. Soft enough to wash even the most sensitive of faces and tough enough to hold up under the strain of the biggest messes, they make messy situations easier to deal with. The recyclable plastic tubes are small enough to be always at hand.

    No more scrambling for wet naps at the bottom of a crumb-filled purse. No more digging around for a used napkin in your car. This camping and travel towel is small to carry, durable to use - perfect for on the go or in the house.

    Best of all, you don’t get just one tube. McClure’s Compressed Towels come in a box of 20 tubes. The box contains 160 towels total Save money and time by ordering a box today and having towels at the ready wherever they're needed most.  Life is unpredictable but you'll always be prepared when life gets messy.

    Whether you're backpacking in the woods, traveling cross country, hitting up the barbeque joint, or traveling with a toddler, you'll always be prepared with McClure's® Compressed Towels.


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