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Use McClure's Canopy Weights to keep your shade from the sun or cover from the rain secure. McClure's Canopy Weights will keep your canopy or awning secure, so you can keep your focus on what's important, ignoring the wind.
What are canopy weight bags?
  • They are Fillable Weight Bags to Hold Down Your Canopy, Tent, or Awning - Compatible with ANY awning brand.
  • Each Two-Cylinder Bag is made with a Durable 600D Oxford Fabric, Each Seam is Double-Stitched, has Two Velcro straps, and a Zippered Top. You will have to work real hard to tear up these bags; they are solid.
  • Each Single Bag and 4-Pack Comes in a Matching McClure's Drawstring Bag
  • Available in Five Colors: Camo, Blue, Red, Green, or Black
Where would I use canopy weights?
  • Use Wherever You Have a Canopy: Farmer's Markets, Camping, Tailgating, Picnics, Festivals, Celebrations, Sports Events, Beach, etc.

One McClure's Canopy Weight Bag has each seam double-stitched, conjoined fillable cylinders with zippered tops, two 1.5" wide Velcro straps, a carry strap (which can also be used to bungee or strap to the top of the canopy leg - bungee or strap not included), and a metal grommet to stake it to the ground, if desired (stake not included). When filled, the bag can weigh 30-40 lbs., depending on the filler used. When you have four bags, that's 120-160 lbs. securing your shelter! You can fill them with sand, pea gravel, chains, cat litter, etc. Great for when you can't stake your canopy to the ground. If you're out camping, just bring the empty bags and fill them with whatever is available.

Each bag embraces the canopy leg, then can be secured even more with a bungee or rope to the handle on top and staked with the grommet on the bottom. The handle also makes them easy to carry. The bags comes empty and can be filled with sand, rocks, chains, or any other material to add weight. You have a nice canopy and nice things under your canopy. Finish the look with some matching canopy weight bags.

Choose from camo, blue, red, green, camo, or black to match your brand (at a Farmer's Market) or celebration (wedding).

How to Use Our Canopy Weights: Fill the bags, embrace them around the leg of your canopy, then secure with the two Velcro straps. Optional: Use a bungee cord or strap with the handle at the top of the weight bag to tie to the frame of your canopy. Use a stake to pin the canopy weight bag to the ground.


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